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For the avoidance of doubt, large variations may occur in various design, layout, building conditions; and therefore, the workmanship of the repair work and the estimated cost ranges resulted from the calculator under this web site are not applicable to building repair and maintenance projects which are substantially different from the OBB-subsidized projects in terms of building characteristics and scope of works, such as buildings much less than 30 years old or with an average rate-able value of much more than HK$100,000 per residential unit, as the data in the Database were all over 30-year old buildings with an average rate-able value of less than HK$100,000. Furthermore, the data in the Database under this web site was having an average specification of 40-year old, 12-storey high, and around 70 units large; therefore, any buildings with characteristics different from the preceding average specifications will result in a less reliable estimated cost range from the calculator in the web site.